Melchior van Wessem


Check my latest paper on western Peninsula freshwater fluxes HERE

We published a Science paper about the dynamical thinning of Antarctic Peninsula glaciers! A very great job by Bert Wouters and all the other authors. It got loads of media attention around the world. Check it out HERE


Teaching duty Fluid Mechanics Utrecht University, 8 February

Fieldwork Svalbard, 19-29 April


Welcome on my website! Before you go on exploring my site, here is a short introduction: I am Melchior van Wessem, a PostDoctoral researcher at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (IMAU) in the Ice & Climate group. I study the Antarctic climate and surface mass balance using the regional atmospheric climate model RACMO. I started working here in 2011 as a PhD-student, which I succesfully finished in March 2016.Now I am doing PostDoc at IMAU, basically continuing my PhD work and undertaking some extra teaching duties. I will be a super teaching assistant for the course Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenonema.

Current work

The main things I am currently working on:

1. As a super teaching assistant (STA) I am assisting professor Leo Maas with the Bachelor course Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena>.

2. I am co-developing a geophysics course for current and prospect high-school teachers.

3. I am updating RACMO2.3 to RACMO2.4. We eventually hope to study the Antarctic firn aquifer in detail.

4. Coming April I will join the Uppsala group on a field trip to Svalbard (Spitsbergen). This will be my first fieldwork ever, and I am super excited!