Mathematical Methods (Fall 2019)


  • Lecturer: Dr. P.A. Zegeling (room 513 in the HF-building, Budapestlaan 6, 030-2533720)
  • Teaching assistent: Frits (due to the recent "privacy law", the family name can't be displayed here...)

  • The final grade for this course consists of the following partial grades: four assignments (34%), a midterm (33%) and the final exam (33%).

  • The topics and exercises per week are given in this [overview]. (update: 5-12-2019)

  • A [syllabus] summarizing the lectures of Part 1 (until the Fall Break). (update: 23-9-2019)

  • A table that may be useful to convert the two types of grading can be found [here].

  • Assignment 1: [pdf file] (available: 9-9-2019). Deadline: Thursday 10-10-'19, 9:00

  • Assignment 2: [pdf file] (available: 23-9-2019). Deadline: Monday 28-10-'19, 13:45 (at the beginning of the first lecture after the fall break)

  • Assignment 3: [pdf file] (available: 28-10-2019). Deadline: Thursday 21-11-'19, 9:00

  • Assignment 4: [pdf file] (available: 18-11-2019). Deadline: Monday 9-12-'19, 13:30 (before the start of the final exam)

  • A mockexam (midterm): [pdf] (available: October 7) It will be discussed on Thursday October 10. Please prepare for this session!
    => Solutions can be found [here] (available: Friday morning October 11)
  • The [formula sheet] (available October 1); this formula sheet may be used at the midterm (it will be distributed at the start of the exam; in a higher resolution).

  • The midterm of October 14, 2019 [pdf] => Its solutions can be found [here]

  • A mockexam (final exam): [pdf]. It will be discussed on Monday December 2. Please prepare for this session!
    => Solutions can be found [here].
  • The [formula sheet] that may be used for the final exam (it will be distributed at the beginning of the final exam).