Michael Bailey


Mathematical Institute
Utrecht University

Curriculum vitae
Research statement

I am a mathematician currently (2014-2017) working as a postdoc at Utrecht University with Gil Cavalcanti.  I did my Ph.D. at the University of Toronto with supervisors Marco Gualtieri and Yael Karshon. I'm on the job market for fall 2017.

Research interests

My research has mainly focused on generalized complex geometry, a common generalization of complex analytic, symplectic and holomorphic Poisson geometry, which has physical applications in 2-dimensional supersymmetric quantum field theories, and in particular topological string theory and mirror symmetry.

For an overview of these topics, and some details on my own work, have a look at my research statement. I'm pleased to announce I have recently finished a paper with Marco Gualtieri on the integration of generalized complex structures. Follow the link to check it out, and also check out my complete list of publications and my CV.

Below you will find a poster on the integration of generalized complex structures which I presented at Poisson 2016 in Zurich. Click for full-size.

Poster for Poisson 2016