Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
mentored by Dr. Herre van Oostendorp,
Interaction Technology group,
Department of Information and Computing Sciences,
Utrecht University,
Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Email: S.Karanam at

Buys Ballot Laboratory, Office 475.


Paper titled 'Cognitive modeling of age-related differences in information search behavior' accepted for publication in Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.
Full paper 'Age-related effects of task difficulty on the semantic relevance of query reformulations' accepted at (INTERACT 2017).
Paper titled 'Adapting cognitive models to predict age-related differences in information search' accepted at (ABIS 2016), 22th International Workshop on Intelligent and Personalized Human-Computer Interaction.
Full paper 'Supporting Information Search by Older Adults' accepted at (ECCE 2016).
Paper titled 'Integrating domain knowledge differences into modeling user clicks on search results' accepted (SAL 2016), ACM SIGIR Workshop on Search as Learning.
Adhoc Reviewer for the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2016).
Full paper 'Age-related differences in the content of search queries when reformulating' accepted at CHI 2016.
Program Committee member for ACM Hypertext 2016.
Program Committee member for ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval, CHIIR 2016.

My current research is interdisciplinary spanning across the areas of computer science, cognitive science, human computer interaction, information science and interactive information retrieval. It focuses on the cognitive processes (and the cognitive factors influencing those cognitive processes) that govern an information search process. My work involves conducting behavioral experiments, building cognitive models of information search / web-navigation, running simulations using the cognitive models, validating the simulations using real data from behavioral experiments and contributing to the overall understanding of human information interaction.