Martijn Kool Martijn Kool
Martijn Kool
Assistant Professor, CV
Mathematical Institute
Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80010
3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Hans Freudenthalgebouw, Room 502

Research Interests

Algebraic geometry. I am interested in moduli spaces of sheaves (or sheaf-like objects) on specific classes of varieties (e.g. toric varieties, local surfaces, elliptic fibrations). Explicit descriptions of strata or (virtual) cycles in these moduli spaces can be used for calculating invariants associated to these moduli spaces (e.g. topological Euler characteristics, Donaldson-Thomas, Pandharipande-Thomas, Donaldson invariants). These generating functions often have links with other areas such as enumerative geometry, modular forms, combinatorics, or theoretical physics.



Some talks



Inleiding meetkunde (blok 3 2017)

Cursusinformatie op Osiris en Blackboard.

Algebraic surfaces (mastermath blok 3-4 2016)

Lab course in group theory (UCU, weeks 1-2 2016)

Algebraic geometry 2 (blok 1-2 2015)