Page 2
Cosy campfire every night: E9 Knek Knak camp (or something like that): E11 Walking with Cheetah!!!!: E12
Giant eagle owl: E14 Smells like buffalo here: E19 Fresh Lion kill, darn missed it!: E20
Cesna flight over the delta, recommended!!: E23 Flying with elephants: E25 Bathing Elephants: E28
Maun Airport: E29 Another beatiful sunset, back in Drifters camp Maun: E30 Impala "rats of the bush": E31
One of the small five: Leopardsturtle: E34 Bateleur??: F1 Entrance to Moremi park: F5
Vervet monkey?: F7 "huismus of Africa": F9
Liones hunting Red Lechwe (left upper corner)!: G1
Relaxed after the missed kill: G5 here kitty kitty: G6 Beautiful cat: G11
Yellowbolt Stalk?: G14 Bunch of Red Lechwe: G15 Hippo's grazing on land!: G17
Hippo in the delta: G20 Do the Hippo chase: G23 Jackal: G24
Giraffe: G32
Jackal with friend: G26 Waterbuck (with the O on its ass): G33
couple of bush rats: G34 Warthog: G35 Zebra: H6
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