I am a lecturer in the Software Technology Group of Utrecht University.

Brief bio

After studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Utrecht, I did my PhD under supervision of Thorsten Altenkirch at the University of Nottingham's Functional Programming Lab. I worked as a post-doc at Chalmers University of Technology, before moving back to the Netherlands to work at Vector Fabrics, a high-tech startup that uses functional programming to facilitate the design of embedded systems. After this brief stint in industry, I returned to academia as a postdoc in Foundations Group at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Recent publications

Embedding the Refinement Calculus in Coq [source]
Joao Alpuim and Wouter Swierstra. Submitted to SCP.
Structure-aware version control: A generic approach using Agda
Victor Cacciari Miraldo and Wouter Swierstra. Submitted to IFL 2016.
Pi-Ware: Hardware Description and Verification in Agda [source]
Joao Paulo Pizani Flor, Wouter Swierstra, and Yorick Sijsling. TYPES 2015.
From proposition to program: embedding the refinement calculus in Coq
Wouter Swierstra and Joao Alpuim. FLOPS 2016.
Datatype generic programming in F#
Ernesto Rodriguez and Wouter Swierstra. Workshop on Generic Programming 2015.
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Recent talks

QuickCheck: a lightweight tool for random testing Haskell programs
Papers we love. Utrecht, the Netherlands.
PiWare: A hardware description language embedded in Agda
IFIP WG 2.1 Meeting. Glasgow, UK.
Lazy, staged binary decision diagrams
Dagstuhl Seminar 16131 on Language Based Verification Tools for Functional Programs. Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.
From proposition to program
International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS '16). Kochi, Japan.
Auto in Agda
Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages and Systems. Frankfurt, Germany.
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