Wouter Swierstra

I am a lecturer in the Software Technology Group of Utrecht University.

Brief bio

After studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Utrecht, I did my PhD under supervision of Thorsten Altenkirch at the University of Nottingham's Functional Programming Lab. I worked as a post-doc at Chalmers University of Technology, before moving back to the Netherlands to work at Vector Fabrics, a high-tech startup that uses functional programming to facilitate the design of embedded systems. After this brief stint in industry, I returned to academia as a postdoc in the Foundations Group at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Recent work

Auto in Agda: programming proof search [bib] [source]
Pepijn Kokke and Wouter Swierstra. Submitted to ICFP 2014.
The Semantics of Version Control [bib] [source]
Wouter Swierstra and Andres Löh. Submitted to ESOP 2014.
AMEN [bib]
Wouter Swierstra. Liber Americorum for Doaitse Swierstra.
Engineering Proof by Reflection in Agda [bib]
Paul van der Walt and Wouter Swierstra. IFL 2012.
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Recent talks

Auto in Agda
Brouwer Seminar; Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Auto in Agda
IFIP WG 2.1 Meeting #71; Zeegse, the Netherlands.
The Semantics of Version Control
IFIP WG 2.1 Meeting #70; Schloss Reisensburg.
xmonad in Coq: programming a window manager in a proof assistant
Haskell Symposium; Copenhagen, Denmark.
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PO Box 80.089
3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands
w.s.swierstra {at} uu.nl