Frits Beukers

Name : Frits Beukers
Position : Full Professor
Dept. : Mathematics Utrecht University the Netherlands
Office : MI 520
Email : f.beukers at
Phone : +31-30-2531419 (work)


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Getaltheorie voor beginners

This is an introduction (written in Dutch) addressed to newcomers in Number Theory. Complete title:
Frits Beukers,
Getaltheorie voor beginners
Epsilon Uitgaven, Utrecht 1999
ISBN 90-5041-049-9
Apart from an elementary introduction a good number of chapters is devoted to recent developments in elementary number theory. You can find the pdf-file of the Preface and table of contents here. Of course it is a lot of fun to perform experiments on a computer. For this reason I collected some useful software.


This is an introduction (again in Dutch, about 50 pages) for high school students into the secrets of PI. It is issue 6 of the ZEBRA-series published jointly by Epsilon Uitgaven and the Nederlandse Vereniging van Wiskundeleraren. ISBN-number is 90-5401-062-6. You can find the pdf-file of the introduction and table of contents here. As a result of repeated requests you can find here the answers to the exercises in pdf-format.


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