Downloadable research papers

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Lifting Chern classes by means of Ekedahl-Oort strata (with Gerard van der Geer), 11 p. (Dec. 2019)

Geometry of the Wiman-Edge pencil and the Wiman curve (with Benson Farb), 28 p. (Dec. 2019)

Arithmeticity of the monodromy of the Wiman-Edge pencil (with Benson Farb), 28 p. (Nov. 2019)

Curves with prescribed symmetry and associated representations of mapping class groups (with Marco Boggi), 22 p. (Nov. 2018). 

Geometry of the Wiman–Edge pencil, I: algebro-geometric aspects (with Igor Dolgachev and Benson Farb), Eur. J. Math. 4 (2018), 879–930.  

Deforming a canonical curve inside a quadric (with Marco Boggi), International Mathematics Research Notices.  

Goresky-Pardon lifts of Chern classes and some Tate extensions, Compositio Math. 153 (2017), 1349-1371.

The homotopy type of the Baily-Borel and allied compactifications (with Chen Jiaming), 22 p. (August 2015).

The stable cohomology of the Satake compactification of A_g (with Chen Jiaming), Geometry and Topology 21 (2017),  2231-2241. 

Discrete automorphism groups of convex cones of finite typeCompositio Math. 150 (2014), 1939-1962.

The fine structure of the moduli space of abelian differentials in genus 3 (with G. Mondello), Geom. Dedicata 169 (2014), 109–128.

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The Hodge polynomial of Mbar_{3,1} (with E. Getzler).